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DON’T BE A VICTIM, you have the right to request a used car inspection before you buy it.

What You Need to Know

Buying a car with accident history is OK

Was it a minor bump, or a massive wreck?

Where was the vehicle damaged?

How bad was the damage?

Were the repairs done correctly?

Is the vehicle safe for my family?

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Dedicated Certified Inspector

Expert vehicle analysis

A precision Pre-Sale vehicle inspection

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Watch the video to learn what to look for when buying a used car. Our professional inspector goes through a complete cosmetic inspection and guides you through every step of the process he would take when inspecting a vehicle.


Why Have The Car Inspected by Us?

As a consumer, you have the right to inspect any vehicle before making your final purchase. The TrueFrame Pre-Sale Report eliminates purchase uncertainty with a thorough and comprehensive vehicle inspection.

Your Certified Inspector works exclusively for you and will be dispatched to perform a thorough cosmetic and structural evaluation with the most sophisticated paint and structure measuring tools available. They will analyze, uncover and document any previous paintwork or structural issues. The knowledge and confidence you get with the TrueFrame report can be very helpful in your decision when shopping for a used car.

Get the right price

Whether you’re buying or selling a car, have it inspected to be sure the price reflects the condition of the car.


With over 20,000 cars inspected nationwide and counting, our team has real life experience with all types of vehicles.

Get the Thumbs Up

Feel confident about your car. Our highly trained Inspection Squad will give you the truth about your car.

Award Winning Car Inspection Company

TrueFrame is recognized by the largest vehicle history data providers and is used in the best dealerships across the nation.

Quality Vehicle Inspections

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At TrueFrame we perform the most comprehensive structural, paint and frame analysis in the industry.

NOTE: We are not mechanical inspectors, nor do we guarantee the mechanical dependability of any vehicle we inspect.